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Buying Property - The Most Important Question - Why?

Here at All Residential Real Estate we often talk to buyers who have not really decided why they are looking at certain types of property. Knowing if they are after capital gain, rental returns or the perfect personal residence makes it easier for us to find their perfect property. Continue reading...

Consistently low vacancy rates with All Residential Real Estate

We are really proud that our vacancy rate is significantly less than the local market average.

According to the Real Estate Institute of NSW, the December 2014 vacancy rate for Wollongong is 2.1% - to view the report go to Our vacancy rate for the same period was 0.6%, which translates into more money and less stress for our clients.

One of the ways we achieve this is by making it easy for prospective tenants to inspect your property. We have an online inspection booking system that is available 24/7. It allows prospective tenants to book inspection times that suit them, so more people can view your property. This creates demand and competition, which allows us to find a good tenant for your property swiftly. To view a demonstration of this online inspection booking system, go to

If you have any questions about any aspect of our Property Management service call us on (02) 4228 2555. I’d love to hear from you.



What’s different about our Property Management service?

How Does Property Ownership increase Sleep Quality?

It is hard to imagine at first that owning investment properties over other asset classes could improve sleep quality, but there are a couple of compelling arguments to support the claim. At All Residential Real Estate we create wealth for our clients by astute property management, so we know they sleep well at night. Continue reading...

Is Your Emotional Attachment Killing Your House Sale?

At All Residential Real Estate our specialist property team sell hundreds of homes every year but many owners need help detaching their emotions from the sale process. They leave too much of themselves in the house for inspections, risking lost sales and reduced prices as buyers can’t visualise living there. Continue reading...

Do-It-Yourself Property Management - Dangers and Pitfalls

Inexperienced owners who try to manage their own properties can easily break the law if they are unaware of the legal requirements of managing rental properties. Our property managers at All Residential Real Estate are fully experienced in all legal requirements and we use our management systems to get owners the best tenants available. Continue reading...

Simple, Professional, Seamless

The staff at All Residential Real Estate exceeded my expectations while I was leasing out my property. They seamlessly attended to all details while keeping me appropriately informed throughout the entire process.  The service provided since then has continued to justify my decision to engage their services in the first place. Simple, professional, seamless.

Top - Up Mortgage A Perfect Way to Access Equity in Existing Homes

A top-up mortgage does not require a large deposit as it uses the equity in an existing property. At All Residential Real Estate many of our investor clients have used this method to start their residential real estate portfolios. quity. Continue reading...

All Residential Real Estate’s Vacancy Rate is Less than 1/5 the Market Average

According to the Real Estate Institute of NSW, the October 2014 vacancy rate for Wollongong is 2.2%. Continue reading...

How To Minimise Vacancy When You Purchase An Investment Property

When we know that one of our existing clients is going to purchase another investment property, we assist them to negotiate being allowed to advertise the property for rent and show the property prior to settlement. Continue reading...

Attract Buyers with Street Appeal For Best Sale Outcome

We try to help our All Residential Real Estate clients with suggestions to increase the street appeal of their properties when they list them with us. Our experience tells us that a well presented property that is clean, tidy and uncluttered will attract much more attention than one that is run-down. Continue reading...
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