Tenant Forms


application Applications

To apply for a property, download our application form and submit it as soon as possible. Please follow the instructions on the application form, complete all sections and provide copies of all documents.

For help with translation, we have provided some application help notes in the following languages – Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese.


Pet Application

If you are applying for a rental property with an animal please download our pet application form to submit with your rental application form. Please ensure you complete the application in full.




If you have a maintenance problem, we require you to notify our office through our online maintenance reporting system. To do this please click the red Report a Maintenance Issue below:

Report a Maintenance Issue

You will need to be specific about the nature of your problem. For example, large right hand hot plate not working, or dripping cold water tap in kitchen. Please ensure that you provide us with details for access to the property.

We request that you report any matters requiring repair or maintenance immediately so as to avoid the risk of injury to your or your visitors, or damage to the property. If no fault is found when a tradesperson attends your repair request, the tenant will be charged the cost of the tradesperson’s account.

Any maintenance problems arranged by you outside normal business hours will be at your cost unless it is proven to be an urgent repair as stated in your Residential Tenancy Agreement.



If you are vacating, please complete a vacating notice and return the form by either email to email@arre.com.au, or by post to 306 Crown Street, Wollongong NSW 2500 or hand delivered to our office.

Please note that this notice comes into effect from the date it is received by your Property Manager. We suggest that you contact the office and confirm this notice has been received. We do not accept verbal notice.